President Bhandari said my government instead of Nepal government

May 4 Kathmandu.President Bidya Devi Bhandari used the term ‘my government’ while presenting the government’s policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year Friday afternoon marking the use of the term in the parliament for the first time since the abolition of monarchy in the country 11 years ago.

President Bhandari herself had used the terms ‘this government’ and ‘Nepal government’ while presenting the policies and programs until the last year.

Ram Baran Yadav, the first president after Nepal became republic, used the term ‘Nepal government’ while starting his addresses to the parliament. He used to prefer passive voice at most of the places that would not require use of government in the sentence. In the few places where he had to, he used the term ‘current government.’

Multiple use of the term ‘my government’ President Bhandari on Friday like the former kings has been widely criticized.



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